Village Smerek

The village and a holiday spot in Wetlinka valley at the foot of mount Smerek (about 100 inhabitants).

The village has been founded before 1529 on local law in Kmita estates. In 1614 the local administrator formed a group of 96 robbers, raided the village and destroyed it totally including also the local manor house. Some inhabitants were killed and many wounded.

In the beginning of XX- century the whole estate Smerek comprising . nearly 2500 hectares of forest, mainly spruces, has been bought by a wood trading firm from Vienna. Then the narrow-gauge railway has been extended from Cisna to the hamlet Beskid deeper in the valley of stream Smerek. There were working two sawmills, and a small settlement for workers founded. In 1921the village comprised 107 houses with 874 inhabitants (564 orthodox- , 58 catholic-, 43 jewish- and 8 protestant- religions). The local parish orthodox church erected in 1875 was one of the most beautiful ones in the Bieszczady region. After the II. World War the village Smerek was totally resettled and destroyed.

Smerek is a starting point for attractive marked tracks to the peak of Smerek mount and Wetlińska mountain pasture and also via Fereczta and Jasło to Cisna village.

Description taken from a Polish guide-book "Bieszczady" Publishing Office "REWASZ", Pruszków 2002



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